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Heya meh fellow fans! I am from the Gold Coast in Queensland, and have only been a fan of Lord of the Rings since the start of teh current year, but in that time I have done over my bedroom to a hobbit style, my computer to anything LotR and my mind is now warped. But in this quick journey I have made many freinds and met fellow fan, as I hope to do here! :P
If you want to be "friends", just comment! :D
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Welcome to the crazy world of LotR fandom. Please be seated, as we are about to land in Middle Earth. Fan girls must keep hands and any other body part to them selves at all times. Unless instructed by and Middle Earth creature. Please do not ask twin Hobbits strip especially ones that go by the name Merry and Pippin as they will gladly do it, which will cause an Earth Quake of Fan girl and we would like to keep Middle Earth intact. Now please fan girls stop squealing and stay seated. Once we land beware a monster called Bogan, it likes to shag any elf that goes by the name of Legolas, oh and the monster is particularly randy to Hobbits.
What a wondeful welcome to this fair Earth. A middle Earth as it would seem.
Well they named middle after fan boys and girls who pay particular interest in the creatures middle parts lol.