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Hi! I'm a newbie to the whole lj thing, and was very excited to find a community for Australian LotR fans (seeing as how I am one and all). I first read LotR when I was 12, but I actually wished I'd waited until I was older cos I didn't really love it until I was about 15. Of course, I haven't looked since then. I now restrict myself to reading it once a year (just like Christopher Lee) for fear that I would read it too often and bore myself. I read it every December, so I'm counting down the days until I can start again. It's just not going to be the same this year, though, as I won't be able to start nagging my parents to take me to see the movie as soon as it comes out :( I think I'll just have to content myself with watching the EE over and over again!
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Of course, I haven't looked since then.
WTF? Don't worry, I think we know what you mean ;)

Well, hello and welcome to ... here!
Ooops, sorry, dyslexic moment. Should have been "I haven't looked BACK since then". Sorry for any confusion ;)

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